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Friday, March 24, 2006

Day 40, Final Exam and Banquet

The final went pretty well, but studying for it was grueling. There were 8 questions and we had to answer 6 of them. There were only 2 questions that I answered that I did not feeling very confident answering, but overall I feel very good. And it was quite satisfying handing in my 15 pages of essay answers, it was kind of heavy. Afterwards we had a banquet, lunch and beer, and an awards ceremony. I ended up missing the awards ceremony (they gave me my Certificate and UC Davis logo cup on my way out the door), because I had to leave slightly early for an interview with Deschutes Brewing Company. Deschutes is offering 3 two-week internships to people in my class. The internship is unpaid, but it would be an awesome opportunity, plus free beer.
So I am now officially done with the first part of my program. Yeah!


Blogger Andy said...

Congrats! Good luck with the Deschutes bit too. I'm not sure if you heard from Lindsey, but Rogue is hiring a brewer at their Astoria pub (new).

9:22 AM

Blogger Deez Nutz said...

Good luck on the Deschutes internship!

1:08 PM

Blogger joemonkey said...

I gave Rogue a call, unfortunately the only available brewery position is on the bottling line in Newport. Not exactly what I had in mind.

7:28 AM


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