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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Day 29, Bonus lecture on Yeast

Today class was very boring. We learned all about the structure of the yeast cell, and some of the major differences between ale and lager yeasts. We even dove into all the internal structures of the yeast cell (i.e. mitochondria, Golgi apparatus, etc.). Of course, I think it is unfair for us to have to memorize those internal structures and their properties, since all you can see on a high power light microscope is the vacuole. You need an electron microscope to be able to see all the other stuff.
After class today, half of the class went to one of my classmates places to try out the first homebrew we made as a class. It was a Chimay Red Label clone. So I brought a store bought bottle of it with me for us to compare. Most of us actually preferred the homebrew. They were very similar in taste, and nearly identical in color and overall appearance. The main differences were that the homebrew tasted more bitter, more fresh and slightly less carbonated. All good attributes if you ask me.
Two weeks ago, Lindsay and I went over to their place and helped brew two batches, both of which could be considered a little over the top. A Saison, brewed with white pepper, coriander, fresh orange peel and dry hopped (tasted pretty good at kegging time today), and a Porter with black currants, dates and oak chips soaked in Jameson Irish Whiskey added to secondary fermentation. Both of these ales were fermented with the yeast sediment from the Chimay Red Label clone. We will just have to wait and see about that Porter...


Blogger Deez Nutz said...

Wow, those sounds like some extravagant beers...and to think we are brewing just a plain old wit with coriander and orange peel this weekend...I think we need more ingredients! :)

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