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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Day 9, study session with TA on Engin. and Proc. Tech.

We were given a list of homework problems for Engineering this week, and we will have lists every week from here on out. Some of the problems are really tough, so on Thursdays we have all morning with the TA to work on the homework and receive help.
It was kind of funny how it went this morning though:
2 students didn't show up to class at all.
The TA showed up 2 hours late, because he broke his bike chain on the way to class.
4 more students left before the TA had even arrived.
6 students left less than an hour after the TA arrived.
So, myself and one other student had the TA's undivided attention for as long as we wanted, after 2 hours of working we were really hungry. So the 3 of us met the Engin. prof. and his girlfriend for lunch at this Italian sandwich shop, awesome food.


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