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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Day 7, full day of sensory evaluation

It was kind of weird but we did learn some really useful stuff. We started the day off with an hour of lecture (quite boring, a lot of common sense), then spent an hour training our noses on 18 different aromas commonly found in beer, and then we finished up with an hour of tasting 6 beers where we performed different methods of descriptive analysis and related some of the previously learned aromas to specific beers. After lunch we repeated the above with a slightly different lecture (yet still boring), the same 18 solutions, and 5 different beers.
After all of that, I have no real desire to sample any beers tonight. The 18 different solutions were a lot of work, some of them smelled pretty rank, yet I still feel like I need more practice. Some of the solutions include: AcetylAldehyde, Phenols, Tomcat urine, DMS, SO2, Hop oil, Kettle hops, grass, and many more that I cannot remember right now.
Its funny how after learning to taste more analytically, we tended to also rate the beers more critically. Overall, I found that I only liked 2 of the beers today. Next week I will try harder to discover positive attributes.
On another note, the rest of my class likes to party. There are 12 people in the class, and today was the second time in two weeks where have of them were pretty hung over. Apparently, most of them drank beer and did karaoke until 2 am. Its hard for me to get in on the fun since we live 25 minutes away. Also, it was nice to be the one who was not nauseous and gagging on the cat pee aromas.


Blogger Deez Nutz said...

Phenols....mmmm band aid taste/smell!

7:56 AM

Blogger Andy said...

ummm... tomcat urine?

1:28 PM

Blogger joemonkey said...

ya, tomcat urine, we called "Catty" for short.

7:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

but why smell it?

11:35 AM

Blogger Troy said...

and why on earth would I want to drink a beer that tasted like it. Then again, for all I know, Tomcat urine is the greatest tasting liquid on the planet, but don't expect me to figure that out on my own.

3:57 PM


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