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Monday, February 06, 2006

Day 6, Engineering all day

Today was the first of our second week, and another student just joined us. He's from Mississippi, with a science background (as is the majority of the class). I think it will be rather tough for him to catch up on all the material we have covered so far.
We have a separate instructor for our engineering part of the class, who teaches us only once a week, on Mondays. We also receive follow-up learning from the Engineering assistant for a half day on Thursdays.
An entire day, 6 hours, of Engineering and Process Technology can be very challenging and exhausting. Of course, there were a lot of times where it seemed that I was learning things rather easily and almost enjoying myself. On the other hand, we were about 15 minutes into a salt concentration problem on mass transfer when he started using calculus. I know that, to some people, it was only simple derivatives, but since the prof. was only halfway through the problem when he inserted this "twist", my mind instantly became blurry. Its been several years since I've dealt with calculus, and that was in the business arena, and it was very limited at that. I may have to re-learn derivatives, in order to fully understand some of the concepts covered today. Oh, it made it even tougher to understand since the fool use black font on a black background for half of the equations, I mean really.
In general we studied Fluid Flow, specifically we covered the Renold's Number, and the inter-workings of mass transfer involving both steady states and unsteady states.
All in all, I think this part of the class will go pretty well, it will just take a little bit more will power than anticipated to study these concepts, not counting the homework assignments and test-studying. Then again, this is equivalent to some graduate level education programs, crammed into 8 weeks, and then another 8 weeks for field trips, lab work, and time to re-learn the material.
Hopefully this is not viewed as complaining, because in all actuality I am enjoying myself very much.


Blogger Deez Nutz said...

I'll say it again...

Engineering? Process Technology? Science? The? Thats me in a nutshell! God, I am jealous!

9:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmm... beer

12:30 PM

Blogger Andy said...

the fluid equations - were they for calculating the inside diameter of poly tubing for making a beer bong?

9:42 AM

Blogger joemonkey said...

No, they were for calculating the inside diameter of your "pea shooter" for dispensing used beer.

10:09 PM


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