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Friday, February 03, 2006

Day 5, review and first exam

The length of the review seems to be entirely up to the students, lasting up to 2 hours, then we commence the 1 hour test. That way, Friday class is over by noon at the latest, which is great. However, today, people were not in the mood to ask questions. The questions only lasted about 30 minutes, so we were out of there before 11:00am. I asked more questions than the rest of the class combined, oh well. Of course, the exam was a bit harder than most of these folks had in mind, so I think next week they will take it a bit more seriously.
They seemed more focused on getting out a little bit early, more time for lunch and beer. So today I went out with them for the first time, had pizza and a couple of beers. They are a good group, fun loving, and with very diverse backgrounds. Now I go to work tonight, should be interesting dealing with an entirely different group of people in the grocery store business.


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