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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Day 22, Sensory training and some brewing science

In brewing science we spent a good portion of the lecture discussing the mashing biochemistry. Specifically, this involved the roles of the two most important enzymes in the mashing process. Beta amylase is an exo-enzyme, where it chews away on the non-reducing end of the starch chain. Because of this, it is known as the fermentation enzyme, creating fermentable sugars (maltose), and it works best at 55 degrees C. Alpha amylase is an endo-enzyme, where it randomly chops up the starch chain, thereby creating more non-reducing ends for the beta amylase to work on, and it works best at 70 degrees C. Both enzymes are necessary to create a fermentable wort in a reasonable amount of time. It should be noted that alpha amylase is not present in raw barley (beta amylase is present in raw barley), it is actually created in the malthouse.
Sensory training was fun as always. Today we were practicing differential tasting. We practiced the "triangle method" on two beers. The idea was that we sampled three small cups of beer, we knew that 2 of the samples were identical, and we had to choose which one we thought was different. Exactly half the class chose the right one. So we deemed the two beers to show no outstanding difference in taste. I was part of the half of the class that chose wrong. The two beers were Miller Lite and MGD.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miller Lite vs. MGD... I'm an expert in that area. You musta had a kid like Christian in your group; you know, the kind of dumbass that tries to claim that Coors Light is better than PBR.

4:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

errr, try to read that as a 'funny' post even though it might read 'angry'

4:34 PM

Blogger Deez Nutz said...

I didn't know that Miller lite or MGD had any tastes to compare

8:38 AM

Blogger Andy said...

There's a difference. Miller lite has very little taste and is dryer than MGD.

Coors light is better than PBR if you're using "Sucks more" or "tastes less like beer" as the measurment.

11:38 AM


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