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Friday, February 24, 2006

Day 20, Brewing exam 4

Posting on test days seems a little unnecessary since I am basically describing how well I think I did. Nonetheless, I will continue. Today I think I did great. This test seemed easier, since there were 5 questions and we were to choose 2 of them. I even surprised myself by writing 3 pages on the process involved in milling grains and its affect on wort extraction and runoff. It took me just under 2 pages to describe lauter tuns and mash filters and explain their advantages and disadvantages. Looking back, I probably should have drawn diagrams of mash filters and lauter tuns, oh well, too late now.
I am quite happy with these projected results, seeing how last week the class, as a whole, did horrific (I recieved a 14/20 and a 7/20, where the best scores in the class were 14/20 and 9/20 respectively). Admittedly, the questions were more vague last week, but we were still very under-prepared.
Since the first semester of the Master Brewers Program is the Professional Brewers Certificate Program, which is only 8 weeks, I am officially half way done with the hard part of the program. Yeah!
Only 4 more weeks of hard studying and then it is 2 1/2 months of review and practical knowledge. And since I am highly enjoying this first semester, the second semester is going to rock.


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