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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Day 19, Engineering and brewing study time

We basically had the whole day to devote towards studying today. In the morning we had our Engineering TA available to answer any questions, and in the afternoon, the Brewing Professor was available. Since most of class spent the day doing their homework, and I had already done it, I found it a little boring.
On another note, which was definitely the most exciting part of my day, the beer in the back of the classroom has been getting steadily worse for the last week or so. The marzen was tasting funny the helles lager was totally flat and also tasted funny. So I decided to track down someone in the brewery that could solve the problem. That person ended up being a guy named Nielz, who is in charge of mechanical and engineering type stuff. He is a really nice guy from the Netherlands, who I had already met a couple of times. After smelling and tasting the beer and analyzing the beer lines, we deemed that both the kegs of beer were oxidized. So he switched the kegs up for us. Yeah! We now have the Sudwerk's Pilsner, which is probably my favorite pilsner that I have ever had. The other beer he hooked up was a keg of Rubicon IPA, which was apparently left for our class by the head brewer of Rubicon whom was there at the MBAA meeting last week. I was definitely ready for new beers since the marzen and lager, though they tasted okay when they were fresh, were still by no means favorites of mine. The Pilsner is smooth, light yet still malty, crisp and bitter in the finish, has great head retention and lacing; in other words flavorful but not overpowering. The IPA was good, but I only had a quick taste, so I will have to comment more fully on that one at a later time.


Blogger Andy said...

Nice job, Ace.

Widmer just released their W '06 N.W. Red Ale. Damn if it isn't fine. Hops to high heaven.

8:39 PM

Blogger alaspooryorik said...

Yeah, I had some of that Widmer the other day. Not too bad. I always enjoy a good red ale.

8:41 AM

Blogger Deez Nutz said...

now you have process engineering experience. I second Andy, Nice job!

8:52 AM

Blogger joemonkey said...

I tried Deschutes seasonal Cinder Cone Red Ale, pretty good, but almost too much caramel sweetness and some tartness in the finish.

11:36 AM


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